Nutrient free. 2020

Food plays a unique role in human culture. It provides rich taste experience, serves for customs, encodes traditional symbols, and unites individuals. The ways how people treat food reflects complex cultural tendencies. Some cultures view food as a sufficiently valuable and meaningful sacrifice for their gods. At the same time, in Western world, we witness the desecration of products we consume every day. 


Technological and scientific progress boosted agriculture and distribution of products, making food easily accessible. However, the abundant production of tasty pleasures has led to consumerism - that is what we see in the advanced economies at the moment. Eventually, people give up the idea of food as a part of nature and start to perceive it as a simple consumer good.


The featured series of photographs emphasizes the artificial side of the modern food industry. The packaging of products that do not need any tub (such as dried apricots or milk on tap) draws attention to the dominance of consumerism in modern food culture. The bold background colors hold a sense of artificiality as opposed to natural products. Consequently, a viewer observes familiar products in an artificial setting, which provokes reflection on one’s attitudes and questions the role food plays in the contemporary world.